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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to have any previous dance experience ?
    Not at all, Zumba steps are all very repetitive, the routines are easy to follow and there are no complicated tricks, kicks or flicks.

  • Do I have to sign up before each class ?
    No, you only need to sign up once and then you can come to as many classes as you would like.

  • Do I have to sign up for a course or certain amount of classes?
    No, all our classes are on a " pay as you go " basis, so you only pay for the classes you do and can do as many classes as you feel comfortable with.

  • What to wear ?
    Best to wear comfortable trainers or gym shoes and gym wear, although it feels like a fun dance class Zumba is a exercise class that will get you working up a sweat, so best also bring a towel and water.

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