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Name: lucie florentine
Date: 04/13/2015
Message: Another fabulous Zumba with Enrico!

Name: Lucie Florentine
Date: 01/26/2015
Message: Loved Enrico's Zumba class this morning! A great way to start the week.

Name: Pauline Wilson
Date: 03/21/2013
Message: I started classes with our lovely MATICO a week after their 1st class in 10/2010, words cannot explain how much I love & enjoy the classes & how much I cherish the friendship i have with 2 of the loveliest guys in the world, my life would be empty,unfit & miserable without MATICO zumba classes,I have lost weight, felt better about myself, gained a new family & havent stopped my classes since i started in 2010 & i have no plans to stop,simply the best, love you Matt & Enrico xx

Name: Rhian Rowlands
Date: 03/20/2013
Message: Another great class at Carshalton tonight,im now hooked, will be going to more classes when i can, thanks guys keep up the fun.

Name: Jo Costelloe
Date: 03/20/2013
Message: Another great class at Carshalton.You are both a joy to watch and thanks for making exercise such fun!! :)

Name: Christine
Date: 03/19/2013
Message: I have been to quite a few different Zumba classes and always work hard BUT none of them have compared to the immense fun i have since joining your classes, i now come twice a week, once to Croydon once to Carshalton and you guys make them so special and fun, Thank you boys xx

Name: Stacey
Date: 02/27/2013
Message: Another cracking night at Zumba carshalton! Am loving it that much gonna go for the double an join in norburys class tomorrow night. Never thought I'd enjoy excercising as much as I do matico Zumba.

Name: Leah Carpenter
Date: 02/27/2013
Message: Hi Guys, Loving the new website and your mascot on the Contact page! I couldn't get through without my fix with the Zumba Kings, thank you for the classes. See you soon. Leah x

Name: Dawn Carpenter
Date: 02/24/2013
Message: Love the website! I'm obsessed with your classes (as you know)! Always need my Matico fix to get me through the week. Well done boys and keep it up. Xx

Name: Pamela
Date: 02/24/2013
Message: Love the new website.Thanks Matico and Zumba family for all your help and support this past 2 years,weight loss,health issues and now on my second session to loose weight.I have enjoyed all our Zumba classes,great motivator and a happy stress free feeling at the end of each class,a lot of fun with a wonderful group of people. Matico Zumba is the way forward to enjoy exercise the fun way without tears and pain. Zumba fitness the Matico Zumba way.XX

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